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Applications can be picked up from the music room or print the application attached below. As students participate form you may not included on. When students need to check out during the school day including lunch, parents must call as soon as possible or send a note to the appropriate attendance secretary before the start of the school day for early release of your student.

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There are multiple university offices located in this building along with administration. Face coverings will be required for all passengers. The Cherokee County School Board during its meeting Thursday heard operations updates and talked about construction of a replacement Cherokee High School as a possible project to be funded in the next Education SPLOST renewal.

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He also served as assistant principal, dean of students, department chair and teacher. Ever Support Staff Employee of the Year Awards! LECOM has designed its campuses with the latest educational technology where each and every detail lends itself to the mission of teaching students how to care for patients.

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Textbooks are submitted to the Board of Education for approval for use in specific courses. Please consult with your health professions advisor to establish your own personalized schedule. Truancy In accordance with law, the District may impose appropriate penalties that relate directly to classes missed while truant.

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