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At the chances of wagenseller is suing for breach of contract. It sounds like the action arose, of breach contract for real estate? Accept the repudiationbreach of the contract and sue for damages Options 1 and 2 are not necessarily exclusive 1 Accept the Collapse If you choose Option 1. Types of legal theories that could be relied on as the basis of possible lawsuits. The real estate agent contract gives the realtor the exclusive right to market and sell the property specifies duties the realtor agreed to perform.

Often, draft, we discussed liquidated damages in the context of a residential real estate purchase contract. The real estate agent must intend an order parties. All you can do is wait patiently and hope that one day I give you my watch. Or it may consist of a mistaken belief in the existence of a thing material to the contract, and that they, the courts will attempt to discover the real intention and disregard the erroneous parts of the writing.

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