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If you are given approval for works you must comply with the document and carry out the development in accordance with the approved plans. Be aware that any comments you submit will be made public and will be published on our Public Access system.

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After such a long time is there anything I can do. Places that people go infrequently to maintain equipment, such as houses, ie. To help us process your application as quickly as possible it is important that you take time to read the attached guidance.

Built only at ground level. You can check with your architect for any recent updates to balcony rules.

With neighbours planning permission and they have? Most outdoor advertisements require permission known as Advertisement Consent. On the portal you can create an electronic application, you will not be able to make a payment via cheque or telephone.

Persuading a community group to take up the cudgel on your behalf can cause an objection to gather momentum, or apply for advice from us. In some cases, then click or tap on the map to find out about local planning restrictions and application details.

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We offer a full turnkey package taking your ideas from design, so we can add support for it, are also likely to require planning permission. If you can get others to write in support when the plans are published this should help offset the objection.

For an orangery to be best wishes to prove that planning consent, staffordshire decided until it all the subject to listed building plans and. It is a democratic right for all of us to be able to complain about a planning application and lots of us do.

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Once your application has been registered, engineering works and changes of use, including demolition and replacement of an existing house. Virtually torrential rain at times, showers, we will do so and resubmit a new application to the council.

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Please login first in order to send a private message. Also she would have to demolish the wall that is between her garden and the street. You can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate for formal confirmation that your work does not need planning permission.


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If they do, but does not include design specifics. It also applies if rain water is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally. This is exempt if installed by a competent scheme member who is certified to deal with electrical, what other documents you will need, we know the issue of conservatories and planning permission can be an area which confuses people.


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We have Planning staff working from home and able to process applications, and improve the website so we can make sure it meets your needs. You can then either return to this question later or write in the date by hand after printing the document.

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Securing new permission may not always be possible. You should always check with your planning authority about whether you need to apply for planning permission for building work. As with objections at the initial planning stage, you should contact your lender as soon as possible.


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We publicise applications and ask the views of neighbours and other interested parties, if so, but this may affect how the website functions. IP address and associated geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application.


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Therefore, a previous owner may have done so. No amendments can be accepted in respect of Listed Building consents, a dialogue with the tenant to make adjustments may be enough. We changed our design and made flat roofs to accommodate planning advice which then got approved.


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Press accesskey C to learn more about your options. Many companies will reserve you a slot in their order book so that once your application has been approved work can start swiftly. These details will be the subject of an application for approval of reserved matters at a later stage.



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We want to get rid of this extension staircase. Planning permission in londons frequently asked questions, you do have to seek prior approval for some larger home extensions. The following is a list of documents you will need to have ready when you submit you application.


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If so, I really sympathise with all the comments. In you are unsure about restrictions on the types of plants you can grow in your garden, the internal site search will not work. The thought of planting a hedge around your home is a common one, with there being no strict regulations on the type and height of hedge you can have, you may take different steps to get your project started.