Trial Chamber may issue orders regarding the disclosure of information for the purposes of the hearing.
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All material is bilingual, with English and French on facing pages. Were we to let it die, to enfeeble its vigor, to cripple its powers, we would condemn our future. Immediately upon adoption, they shall be circulated to States Parties for comments. The State of origin shall cooperate in minimizing economic dislocation in such other States fishing these stocks, taking into account the normal catch and the mode of operations of such States, and all the areas in which such fishing has occurred.

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The rainy season is coming to an end. General of the United Nations shall circulate to all States Parties any amendment adopted at a meeting of the Assembly of States Parties or at a Review Conference. The expenses of the Tribunal shall be borne by the States Parties and by the Authority on such terms and in such a manner as shall be decided at meetings of the States Parties.

Mussolini to keep the administrative offices in united nations treaty of. By bowing to the pressure of a large country, the League again set a dangerous and damaging example. In many cases, they experienced negative growth and high rates of inflation. State shall immediately consult with the Court to determine if there has been a relevant ruling on admissibility. State and the States fishing for such stocks in the adjacent area shall seek, either directly or through appropriate subregional or regional organizations, to agree upon the measures necessary for the conservation of these stocks in the adjacent area. The Commission shall make recommendations to coastal States on matters related to the establishment of the outer limits of their continental shelf.

By using our website you agree to this. India is of the view that the international community must grasp the rapid changes that are underway in the nature and role of contemporary peacekeeping operations. Its checks and balances, which are many, have input from representatives of the US government.


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Court, could be regarded as a national of more than one State shall be deemed to be a national of the State in which that person ordinarily exercises civil and political rights.

Commission concerning the said submission. Whenever such requirements are established in identical form by two or more coastal States in an endeavour to harmonize policy, the communication shall indicate which States are participating in such cooperative arrangements.

Elections shall take place at regular sessions of the Assembly. The objective of the Summit was to renew global commitment at the highest political level to eliminating hunger and malnutrition and to the achievement of sustainable food security for all people.

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The day need not be far away when such a system will televise the proceedings of this body to every corner of the world for the benefit of peace.

Please provide a valid email address. UN to those of the United States, and found that seven out of eight UN cases are at peace, as compared with four out of eight US cases at peace. The minutes or fulltext transcripts of the sessional meetings of various bodies of the UN can be found here.

It settles legal disputes between countries. In January, a military court in a closed session sentenced a former diplomat, Kadyr Yusupov, to five years and six months in prison for treason. The seat of the Tribunal shall be in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the Federal Republic of Germany.


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Given the magnitude of the problems at stake and the need to address them, the conference was institutionalized to meet every four years, with intergovernmental bodies meeting between sessions and a permanent secretariat providing the necessary substantive and logistical support.

Such laws, regulations and measures shall ensure that dumping is not carried out without the permission of the competent authorities of States.

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