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Erosion Lesson Plans Classroom Activities Geologycom. The video and worksheet cover the following concepts erosion weathering wind erosion chemical erosion effects on landscape how to slow erosion break. Do you sure you are not cause erosion worksheet movie summary, who argue that there!

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Part 1 Weathering vs Erosion vs Deposition 1 Go to the following website httpsciencehowstuffworkscomenvironmentalearthgeologylandslide2htm 2.

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Erosion has built mountains and carved out deep valleys. It can also erode away the sides of mountains where water regularly runs through to form canyons.


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Earth Science The Science Spot. Explain how weathering and erosion affect Earth's surface Identify what causes chemical and mechanical weathering Describe the composition of soil and. These are some of the things that cause rocks on Earth's surface to weather and.